Olbia, Sardegna - Italia


Carignano Isola dei Nuraghi IGT

Tasting notes:

Bright ruby red. Intense nose, finely delicate. Hints of rose and blackberry flowers. Light spiciness and roasting. Semi-tannic, with a distinct finish. Elegant.

Grape variety:

100% Carignano

Harvest of the grapes:

Manual harvest, early in the morning, in the second decade of September


Granite decay

Food and wine pairings

Feathered game, meat with mushrooms.


Giuseppe Ungaretti's "Mattina" (Morning), is probably the shortest Italian poem ever. Made of just two verses composed by the poet Giuseppe Ungaretti. Literally translated: “I'm enlighted with immensity”. It represents one of the pillars of our philosophy: less is more.

Vinification and ageing:

The hand-harvested grapes are destemmed and fermented in contact with the skins for 15 days in an open vat without temperature control with repeated punching down. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is separated from the skins and racked in an oak cask where it undergoes malolactic fermentation and stays there to be aged for 19 months. Before bottling, the wine is racked a couple of times to remove any sediment. It ages another month in the bottle before being released.

The magnum:

A very limited edition of 320 magnum bottles for our Carignan. A very exclusive bottle to celebrate special moments. This prestigious size permits a slow and harmonious refinement of the wine. Our bottle is held in an elegant wooden box as a precious present .


Carignan is a grape that grows perfectly in the granitic soil of the Gallura region. Minerality and structure allow long refinements both in barrels and bottle.