Olbia, Sardegna - Italia

sicut erat

Vermentino Isola dei Nuraghi IGT

Tasting notes:

Intense yellow, deep perfume of ripe and dry yellow fruits, hints of almond flowers, pastry and honey. In the mouth it is warm, soft with a full body and structure. The alcohol is well balanced with freshness and acidity.

Grape variety:

100% Vermentino

Harvest of the grapes:

Manual harvest, early in the morning, in the second decade of September


Granite decay

Food and wine pairings:

Smoked fish, grilled fish, white meat with spices, strong aged cheeses, pecorino cheese. Recommended to taste at a temperature of 15/16ºC and serve in a large wine glass.

Sicut erat is inspired by the popular Sardinian folk song “Nanneddu meu”. Means “As it was”, because as it was in the past, the wine ferments and matures in amphorae.

Vinification and ageing:

After crushing and destemming the grapes, the must ferments and stays in contact with the skins for 67 days into special microporous ceramic amphorae. When maceration is complete, the wine is separated from the skins, with a manual press. It ages in the amphorae for 9 months. After maturation, it is bottled and refines 3 more months in the bottle before being released.

The amphorae:

The amphorae was the first container used to make wine. It was used in the Middle-East, in Greece and Rome. At La Contralta we choose to use special amphorae made with a mix of clay that cooks at the specific temperature of 1030°C. This permits to have a micro oxygenation comparable to that of barriques, but they do not give any third flavor to the wine. We believe this is a special way to enhance the characteristics of longevity and ageing of the Vermentino grape.


A natural amphitheatre in front of the Gulf of Olbia.